K’POP’s Shadow MV~

Shadow MV

video credits: bowrosemarlene@youtube

hehe, such a simple fun mv~
also… you can just hear the old school sound of it.
upbeat, addicting, fun, bouncy~ lol
also gotta love them dance moves… hair, and clothing of the early 2000s. xD
ain’t gonna lie… i miss those days~ lol
maybe new kpoppers that get into kpop should get into old kpop as well and see the many changes that happened…
but what is still the same as well.
like… clothing style and hair is different… and sound somewhat.
but the same is the arrangement of song… the rapping here and there.. the singing… the concept. lol
there are a lot of ignorant kpop fans out there… old and new.
i’m just happy to be one of the few that isn’t. lol
hopefully i’m not. XD



  1. OH MY GOD, IT’S BEEN SO LONG SINCE I’VE HEARD THIS SONG!! I used to love this group!!! ;3;

    1. bwhahaha they are a good group!
      although this is the only song i know. XD
      but i did listen to their Youth song, i like that one as well~
      hopefully hope to find more access.

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