the drama MV of EXO’s Wolf~

KRN Wolf DRAMA version

CHN Wolf DRAMA version

video credits: SMTOWN@youtube

hahaha… the video that pretty much everyone [exotics wise] were waiting for.
it’s all right… but it made me laugh for some odd reason… maybe it was the whole acting and what not.
well… their acting isn’t that bad, it’s just the fact of them having to act… such a way. XD
anyways~ i like the four songs that were used here, sad that kris isn’t really in the music video for that long.
curious about the girl as she really didn’t have that much of a part in here… well to me she didn’t seem to…
despite being… something to luhan.
also… i’m waiting for the continuation of this… as that if i remember correctly… in the teaser… kai kisses the girl on the cheek.
and clearly.. this didn’t happen in this version… so i need the other version to wonder if kai is with the girl instead of luhan or something~
but oh well… the drama version was okay… but not really my thing as it really didn’t interest me that much.
but… i wouldn’t mind them acting in a drama being delinquents… gahlee… been watching too many of them japanese dramas. lol


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