Just tell me the truth!

Break It Down MV

video credits: laopriderecords@youtube

oh yeah! MAZ is back~
and i’m really loving this track a lot!!
although… the dance break kind of threw me off with the sound of the song. xD
anyways, the song is… a sad love song about… her cheating or something.
lol.. i need to be more fluent mang. -___-


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tahmnong says:

    Cool! I’ve never heard this group before, but they sound fun! ^_^
    Always love to hear more stuff from Laos~ 😀

    1. miss_vicky says:

      haha yeah~ they’ve been around, just… not as active. lol
      and yeah me too!!
      btw, wanna ask, when you hear Lao… how much do you understand comparing it to Thai?

      1. Tahmnong says:

        Hmm, on a good day, maybe 60% or so haha

    2. miss_vicky says:

      bwhaha. seems better than me. 😄

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