I growl, growl, growl at you.

Growl KRN version MV

Growl CHN version MV

video credits: SMTOWN@youtube

alright… the boys are back at it with another song.
honestly… i didn’t like it. XD
but then after re-listening to it and watching it… it became addicting and i started to like it.
it was the whole old school feel with it, plus the simplistic one-shot video taking of the music video with just them dancing.
i like that a lot… it was really appealing that way to me without all these other effects to draw my attention away from the dance and song.
anyways, i still wish that in the Chinese version they didn’t say “eureurong” but “xiaopao” instead… but maybe because of the flow of the words with that part wouldn’t sound nice, so they stuck with the korean word for “growl” instead.
um… what else… oh, i was able to spy the white hat that suho wears and casually throws away. lol
and kai had a slight mess up in the chinese version.
but other than that… it was still smooth and really really mellow with the whole old school feel is all~


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