Dot… Dot… Dot..

Dot Dot Dot MV

video credits: RSVDO@youtube

so finally they released a new girl group~
but the song is nice… but i don’t really get it. lol
the music video as well~
i’m assuming it’s the whole “…” like the not saying anything kind of thing. lol
then again, i’m not fluent… so i probably won’t get it. lol
or if it’s a Thai slang~ lol
and it’s tagged with VAMP… because i know the boy(s) are featured in here.
[i haven’t really memorize the members. lol]



  1. I really like the electro beat, but I disliked the video and I think the vocals need a bit more power to match the beat. I think I would like it more if I understood what they were saying but right now I just think the vocals are too weak. 🙂

    1. yeah the beat is nice.
      and yes the video is… lame. lol
      and hmm, i’m sure it will get translated and if it does, i’ll make sure to share it~ =]
      and yes the vocals are weak, but sooner or later they improved… well hopefully. lol

      1. It would be awesome if there will appear a subbed video with the song on youtube. Otherwise I also hope that their vocals will improve in their future songs. 😀

      2. haha yeah, that would be easier to follow. their used to be someone that did such a thing, but eventually… something happened. but hopefully in the near future!! and i’m sure their vocals will improve over time. a lot of artists usually do. =]

  2. The song really doesn’t make much sense, and most of the Youtube comments on the video are asking what the heck the MV is supposed to be about aha -_- I really don’t get all these weird new groups

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