piercings by claire’s…

alright, so i got a cartilage piercing like… 2-3 weeks ago…
i got it at claire’s, and honestly… it wasn’t that bad.
i remember doing research about it to see what would be better to get a cartilage piercing and many says not to get it at claire’s.
because the workers are not trained and the likes and that a gun for the cartilage isn’t good because it will get stuck and the likes.
i was scared though… but i took the chance because… i really wanted one and i didn’t know where a piercing parlor was… so i just went with the claire’s as i was on holiday and i was at the store and did it. lol

so… for those that are scared or been told not to get it at claire’s… go with your own gut feeling and do what you want… because honestly, the lady that did my ear at claire’s… they are trained, although not extensively as those that are trained as a profession, but the people that work at claire’s have to take a class for it and actually do take practice or whatever it is to be taught and learn a lot about it.

also the lady that did my ear looked it up herself… and she’s into tattoos and has many piercings herself, so to me that was reassuring for me to get it done by her.

now… my cartilage doesn’t hurt as much as when i got it pierce only because it’s different pain from the earlobes, and i’m not having any issues with it, but then again, this is me, and everyone else is different.

oh… and i did ask a friend of mine who did get piercings at claire’s and he’s alright and had no problems either, neither did my sister.

so for those of you wanting a piercing… and everyone telling you bad things about claire’s… just ask the person at claire’s and i’m sure it will go well from there… or if you don’t want to, go get it done by an actual professional because they use a needle to pierce and not a gun.

to each their own preferences. =]


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