I’m Here. I’m By Your Side.

Koko ni Iru yo (I’m Here) PV SoulJa ft. Aoyama Thelma

Soba ni Iru ne (I’m By Your Side) PV Aoyama Thelma ft. SoulJa

Soba ni Iru ne (I’m By Your Side) PV SoulJa ft. Yukie

video credits: universalmusicjapan@youtube

alright, i got addicted to these songs because a friend of mine was showing me a gif… but instead of focusing on the gif i heard the song in the bg and asked about that instead. lol

anyways, while looking it up, i found out that I’m Here is the first song, and I’m By Your Side is the answer to I’m Here.
but then again, i saw I’m By Your Side again with SoulJa but with Yukie instead… and thoguht it was a different song.
but for some reason, i believe they are all connected, as they have similar sounds… just song differently.

but anyways, all the songs are good and i love it either way.
miss listening to these types of songs… especially in japanese. hehe.
don’t really hear these that much in the states anymore~


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