La Di Dum Dum~

so… yeah… making another just me post. lol
so i went on vacation…
came back from minnesota.
the weather is nice… very nice!!
so much better than arizona. lol
anyways… did a lot of things.
shopped at mall of america and did the flying dutchman’s obstacle course thing.
took pics with spongebob and squidward.
but saw blue [the dog], and the ninja turtles!!
went to lake calhoun and minnehaha falls.
uh… what else…
saw a lot of other asians in MN, especially Hmong people.
pretty cool.
don’t have many here… or none that i’ve come across. lol
hmm…. oh got my ear pierced at claire’s… my cartilage!!
the stories i’ve heard… yeah, nothing much. i’m fine.
it went well for me and my sister. lol
what else… had a bbq~ watch despicable me 2 at the amc theatre there.
went to asian markets… american food stores…
and other stuff.
lots of fun stuff there. it’s nice.
hope next time to go as a family and drive so that i can actually bring back more stuff. XD


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