[130421] VICTOR @ KPOP Collection~

Candy PERF

Mr. Right PERF

video credits: kibon2000@youtube

thanks to Jane Hue who commented here with a link, i would have never found this!!!
this is VICTOR performing Candy and Mr. Right at a KPOP Collection concert… just not sure what for or where or something like that. lol
[for some reason… i wanna say thailand just because i hear thai… i may be wrong. lol]

they’re not that bad live, and i like the dance moves.
i just… wish for better information is all.. lol
but this is still better than nothing!!

i’m so happy because i have something more concrete!
oh and GLIDA for saying something about KPN in the same link where Jane Hue commented too.
and found some link to fanpages on facebook… but can’t read the script sadly, so i’m having trouble. lol
but yeah~ enjoy!!

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