I Got Your Superman!

SUPERMAN mv teaser

video credits: MrMonoMusic@youtube

whooo, EVO NINE’s coming back with a 2nd song!
that’s kind of fast~
well.. most of the time when Thai artists release music… it’s always within… certain time from one another~
but hey… i’m not complaining… i’m just surprised. lol
anyways, the song is really addicting so far, and it’s pretty bright.
of course some of the set seem familiar… because they were used in other K-POP artists’ music videos too.
again… Mono Music has some connection or linked with a Korean company, so there’s bound to be some sort of this stuff.
i’m just super happy that it’s in Thai!! [and of course a bit of english here and there, lol]
really can’t wait for the full version!!
also, the main leading lady looks really familiar… but not sure. xD



  1. I don’t know if you noticed, but I translated Evo Nine’s biography and member profiles~ 😀
    The company is co produced by Thai and Korean, and they train in Korea and have directors who have done a lot of Kpop music videos do their music videos, so~ Yes 😀

    I was surprised they’re already pushing this new song too :0 It does seem kind of fast~ But I guess for all the Thai fans who couldn’t really completely understand the 100% English songs, it’s nice to hear them singing Thai in this one 😀

    1. oh, no didn’t notice, but awesome! thank you~

      and haha, yeah, all the korean stuff does explain, so i have no worries about that. lol

      and yesyes!! i really wanted to hear them in Thai, so i guess they are already growing in popularity and i think Mono Music is just pushing that. 😀 and hehe thanks again!!

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