Kinda Cliche. That’s okay. I’ll do it my way. That’s what’s up.

Cliche MV

video credits: MrMonoMusic@youtube

whooo the music video is out!!
hehe, the song is in English!!
the girls don’t sound that bad~
wonder if G-Twenty will release an English song too. 😀
and the other MrMonoMusic’s artists~ keke.
anyways, the video is nice, i like.
sure it flips from here to there, and no story drama line… but i’m okay with it.
the girls have really grown since their debut.
still need to figure out about the other member though. lol
anyways~ hope to hear a live of this or watch a performance of it at least.
glad that Candy Mafia is back with another song!!


  1. I think the fifth member is taking a break to catch up with school or something, at least that’s what I remember hearing~
    But I like that Mono Music has some strong English writers! It’s nice not hearing horrible grammar and marred pronunciations 😀
    I like this song~

    1. ahh thank you for that!! i remember that when they debuted, they were like… junior high kids.

      and yes i agree! the english grammar in the music is legit!! and the pronunciation is awesome. 😀 i can really dig this song. XD

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