Posted in Film the Voice TH, Yes'sir Days

I Want You to Hear the Heart.

I Want You to Hear the Heart MV

video credits: gmmgrammyofficial@youtube

this is the first time i’ve listened to both Yes’sir Days and Film the Voice TH.
i just call her the Voice TH to… just give her something. lol
since she appeared in The Voice Thailand edition when i went to look up her name.
anyways, this song is also in the same lakorn with KLEAR’s song, Happy Words.
but again, forgot which it is… it hasn’t returned to me….
oh wait… it has. it was with Boy Pakorn and Bella Vanita.
uh…. it was for Porn Prom Onlaweng 2013. lol there you go!!
but yeah, the song is good though, i really like the lead vocals and her voice together.
nicely done~


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