MV teaser for Candy Mafia’s new song, ‘Cliche’!~

Cliche MV teaser

video credits: MrMonoMusic@youtube

whooo candy mafia is back!!
but i notice that a member has left or isn’t present.
i forgot her name though. lol
anyways i love the song already!!
the pink is really bright though. xD
but the song gives such a … dance, almost kind of euro club sound.
love it to the max so far!!
some of the commentors think it is copied of Girls’ Generations’ I Got A Boy…
but… please! it’s not the same at all. -___-
some people really need to be more open minded and actually listen and watched.
sure the color effects is the same… but um… others have used the same effect wayyyy before.
and the clothing style as well.
feels like some people have not seen other artists that done the same thing. -___-
i don’t know why some people… just can’t enjoy anything. lol
anyways, can’t wait to hear the full version soon!!
can’t wait 9 (8 days in Thailand) for it!


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