ร้องทุกเพลง เต้นทุกท่า มาทุกคน!!

video credits: RSVDO@youtube

omg, i wish i could go to this!!
this is like… just pure awesomeness!!
most companies don’t do this… and and…. just great childhood memories there!
ahhh… T^T i wish i lived in Thailand right now. huhu.
but lucky to those that are able to attend!!
i really wanna how they will sound like after so many years and what not.
ahhh… so hype! yet so envious. lol



  1. Me tooooo~~ Especially since odds are pretty high the special guest will be D2B ;3;/ I was tempted to fly back to Thailand just for this LOL I wanna see Bazoo and D2B together sooo badly ~ D:

    1. gogogogo!! do it!!
      and that would be totally awesome if D2B is the special guest!!
      honestly… they highly qualify~
      although i can’t think of any other artists too~

      1. Well, if I’m remembering correctly, the very last meeting concert RS ever held was the one where D2B was first introduced, so…it would make sense, yeah? Or am I just grasping at straws? xD But Dan-Beam did state that RS had approached them for a concert, so assuming it isn’t just this one, as much as I so desperately want to see Bazoo and Raptor, I will save my money and vacation days and cross my fingers for that hahaha

      2. oh wow really? that would definitely be something really special and remarkable. at least to me, this would at least quench my inner fangirl of seeing them together. like… not many companies actually do these kind of things. lol

      3. I wish they would bring back the meeting concerts, though, it was a great way to hype up the debut of new artists

      4. how so? this is kind of the first for me of hearing it. lol but then again, it’s kind of hard to follow Thai entertainment stuff if i don’t have my way of actually looking around. XD but luckily, the companies have youtube channels and i sub them. lol

      5. Back in the 90s, every time RS was going to debut a new group, they had one of these Meeting Concerts where all the big artists would get together and sing a couple songs, then they would debut and introduce the new group/artist on stage for the first time, which I thought was a fun and interactive way to meet a new artist and fall in love with them. But I guess nowadays when you can post teaser videos on Youtube and advertise for free on social media sites, and when lots of artists are coming and going, especially with all the different label branches, having a big concert event to debut them every time would get expensive haha

      6. oh wow, that really sound like a grand time!! but yeah, nowadays, things are… different. and concerts are really expensive!! it’s ridiculous. but… then again, depends on how the person themselves really wants to go.

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