there’s a new boy group… called VICTOR… South Korea based!

so i saw this group on a Thai show.. .but i don’t know what the Thai show was called sadly.

but the group is called VICTOR.
has 5 members.

3 of 5 are Korean.
2 are Chinese.
1 that is Korean speaks Thai!!
The others also know English.

anyways, the two that are Chinese are twins!! hehe.

but um… i don’t really remember their names as it went by pretty fast.

but the Korean ones are Jun, Bi, and Kyun?
Jun and Bi are for sure, but not sure about Kyun.

and the Chinese ones might be Gin and… something. T^T
i’m so mad because i can’t find any information on them at all!!

and i wish i knew the title of the Thai show that they appeared on to find it better…

but if any of you guys have a possibility, let me know!!

oh… the song that VICTOR performed is called CANDY!! =]



  1. Bie is not Korean. He is Thai-Taiwanese.
    That is why he speaks Thai fluently. He grew up in southern Thailand.
    Actually I honestly feel that many Thai celebrities have been neglected by many Asian fans. They do not know Thai entertainment industry well and thus, they do not believe Thailand can produce many talents who are not onlybgood looking but sing and act well.
    More attention needed on Thai celebs.

    Thai stars should be regarded equally to those from Taiwan, Hong Kong or Korea. Thai celebs are not in any way inferior.

    1. oh, thank you so much for that clarification! since i can’t read Thai and also am not fluent, so am unable to search for such information. and i agree that the Thai music scene and artists have lots to offer and can equally compare with the other Asian entertainers, but others are not into it nor want to embrace it. but thank you once again for the information!! =]

    1. honestly speaking, i’m not really sure. is kind of hard to find right now… but i think they may have a facebook. i’ll try to do more research and what not!!

  2. The twins are called In and Choo :3 on the 25th of september they had a concert in Amsterdam, with Jay Park. It was amazing :3 and it’s mr. Right 🙂 another song is called ride, or something like it 🙂

    1. is it In and Choo? hmm, thanks a lot! need to go and reupdate everything! and omg, lucky you! i wish i could see them perform! and a new song, Ride? thanks~

  3. I saw them too 2 days ago!!
    They are really amazing!!! Such Cutie Pies.. AND OMG BIE HOLD MAY HAND AND OUR EYE CONTAC WAS SO.. EHOWJFWPFJO !!! <33

    1. gah… am jelly right now! lucky you!! and hehe p’Bie held your hand? lucky! and mang, do you know if there is any fancams going around or something? i’ve had no clue they were performing elsewhere and what not. OTL

  4. I SAW THEM LIVE YESTERDAY! 😀 they were so funny, and they sing&dance REALLY good! oh and you said “Kyun”~ but i think you mean Gyum ^_^ he waved at me yesterday when he was backstage and he even winked :Q he also did “thumbs up” when i was waving 😀

    1. oh wow really? that’s super cool! may i ask what they were doing wherever they were performing and for what? and haha then yeah Gyum you go! i think i found them on facebook somewhere and haven’t really updated, but thank you! and wow, lucky you! i’m jealous now! lol

  5. Oh and also I think that program they performed is call KPN award… cause all of them has this after their name: bie-kpn , bomkpn, petchkpn 🙂

    1. KPN award? never heard of it. if that’s the name, then i was wrong to think of it as an entertainment news channel. lol and thanks for the name thing! hopefully i’ll get more info from that!!

  6. Hi dear,
    I was following these boys in Instagram before, and tonight found they have two songs Candy and Miss Right. I want to dl their songs but can’t find them in Google.Can you please help me? 🙂

    1. hello there! and wow, they have an instagram? do they still now? and yeah i heard of Candy but not of Miss Right, and i don’t think their songs have been official release or anything, and i’m sorry! i tried to google information too, but i got nothing!! sorry once again~! but i do hope more things will be released about them though!!

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