CHO Music and Entertainment & RS Friends joined forces to produce new boy group, VAMP!


video credits: CHOMUSICCHANNEL@youtube

all right… so i’ve never heard of CHO Music and Entertainment…
but i’m familiar with RS though. lol
anyways… so there are 7 members, not sure if like all are from CHO or RS or some from one and the rest from another.
but i do know that… it is a new boy group. lol
the video also has a narrator that says the names for each member, so you’ll be able to pronounce them if you’re not familiar with some of the names.

Gut (Suck It) [Bite (Suck It)] MV teaser

video credits: CHOMUSICCHANNEL@youtube

music video is okay… but the song doesn’t sound so bad so far.
i need to hear the full version.
at least with their group name, they are at least going with the vampire concept. XD
but hmm… wonder how they will do… they haven’t wowed me like Evo Nine has, but…
i’m willing to give these guys, the group, a chance, because well… everyone deserves it. lol


anyways, hope to find some more info… or well hope for them to stay active and be around.
that’s the thing about most thai artists… they come out… then they disappear…
then come out again… or come out as soloists, actors, in a new group, and what not.
for me… it’s hard for me to follow any thai group unless they release new music or appear in something.
anyways, all the best VAMP!

oh as for “gut” i’m not sure how to spell it. ^^”
so i just went with an english world that has a similar sounding…
and it’s “gut” like another word for “stomach”.



  1. From what I understand, it was another singing contest thing hahaha CHO music hosted and it’s produced by RS. They held contest/auditions for a guy group and a girl group and chose the best contestants for each, so everyone’s new here. The girl group hasn’t debuted yet, I forgot their name aha, but they’ll come soon.

    And I’m sorry, when the lyrics I hear on the teaser say “Because I’m a playboy and you’re a playgirl, can I/you bite you/me? Suck it suck it suck it suck it” while they circle their hands over their crotch, I just can’t take them seriously lmfao. RS’s songs have been really sexual lately, like YAAK’s “Turn Me On” too, but I guess sex sells nowadays

    1. haha… singing contests/auditions are very popular in Thailand huh? well… considering The Star, AF, The Artist, MIC Idol… yeah. lol

      oh, a girl group? hmm i’m sure they’ll be announce soon then!! thanks for that.

      and lol, hey, i don’t blame you at all, i heard the lyrics, but didn’t pay attention to the dance moves. xD

      but i agree, sex does sell nowadays, sadly.

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