Mono Music’s new boy group, Evo Nine!!

All Member Teaser Compilation

video credits: tommyboysound15@youtube

all seven members’s teasers of Evo Nine complied into one.
hehe… so much better watching it all in one go instead of individual links. lol
don’t worry, it has the boys’ names in their respective teaser. =]

Make You Dance MV teaser

video credits: MrMonoMusic@youtube

the teaser! i love it so far. sure it may have a kpop feel, but that’s what was written in the description, plus, i believe it’s influenced like that since Evo Nine is from the same company as Candy Mafia and G-TWENTY. =] who also have a bit of that feel.

Make You Dance PERF @ VMF

video credits: musicmthaitube@youtube

i have a feeling it’s not live…
or it’s just playback… or something. lol
and the song is in English, so it’s super nice!!
well, wasn’t sure if it was gonna be all in English or just that chorus bit.
but makes me wonder how they sound like in Thai though. xD


anyways, i wanna believe that each member is at least a mixed of something.
bwhahaha… and their english doesn’t sound so bad. lol
i can’t wait for the 15th!!
and hopefully some member profile too.
it’s hard trying to find information on Thai artists…
unless they are really, really quite popular, or have a lot of interest from others.
also happy that each member had a part in the song and it rotated a bit here and there.
definitely looking out for these fellas. ^-^



  1. I’ve heard Mono Music label is like co-Korean produced or something like that (I remember reading it somewhere, but I forget the specifics and can’t find it again), but that’s why they have a lot of Korean directors, choreographers, and stylists, that’s why a lot of the artists have trained in Korea, and that’s why a lot of their artists get on Korean TV shows. So they don’t annoy me as much as like RS’s latest artists, since of course they’re going to be Korean influenced since their record label is and it’s not just a blatant attempt to copy the style like RS’s latest VAMP group ahaha.

    And all the boys are 100% Thai except Andrew, who is half white (American) :3

    And of course the fancam looks regrettably lipsynced, or at least has them singing along with the original recording haha

    I’m excited to finally hear the whole thing, though~ :3

    1. ahh thank you for that tidbit about Mono Music being co-Korean produced.

      and that’s pretty much true, and what… RS has a new group.. VAMP? seriously… well i need to go check them out. lol

      are they all 100% Thai… mang, fooled me! but then again, i with all the mixies that i’ve noticed in the Thai show biz… i just assumed since… they gave off that vibe. but haha at least i was right about 1/7 of them. XD

      by any chance, could you lead me to sites that offer information about Evo Nine, or thai artists news in general? like … i only know of “ilovekamikaze” but that just gives me the artists of RS’ sublabel.

      anyways, thank you!! and i know saw the full mv is out! but connection is being ridiculous with loading yt videos lately. like i can upload other streaming sites, but yt just ends up lagging for me.

      anyways, thanks again!! =]

      haha… i can always count on you to give me better news and information then i do on my own or other people. lol

      1. I’ve been trying to expand the artist bio section of my site for a while and have been taking suggestions for artists to write about on my facebook page, if you like I can translate Evo Nine’s bio and info 😀
        Otherwise I just follow the main websites for the record labels, like,,, etc.
        All the sites that used to be around for Thai artist news in English have all gone under or focus only on lakorns now D:
        So I want to do my part in providing English info for bios and updating the facebook page with artist news and new releases ~

    2. that would be wonderful!! like… i could go and do it myself, but since my limited of just using translate google to hear and see the thai script in karaoke, not good. lol so thank you!! what is your fb page?

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