「THE NEVER ENDING STORY ~君に秘密を教えよう~」 -Long ver.- pv long version

video credits: avexnetwork@youtube

dunno how to translate the other part. XD
anyways, heard this song as the ending theme for this new Japanese drama i’m watching called…
Biblia Koshodou no Jiken Techou… but I forgot what it meant.
I really like the song a lot, and anything from the E-Girls seemed pretty awesome since their unit debut!
anyways, in the beginning as this interesting story plot as it seems like…
with the young girl peering into a large room of the E-Girls dancing…
then it goes off to the members showing off… their dance moves. hehe, love it when the girls just break it down and what not.
but afterwards.. magic. :]
I just wish… that it was longer so I can hear the full song. lol
but the dancing and the story bit isn’t bad, and this is better than nothing. xD


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