SHU-I’s back with another Japanese song, “あちゃこちゃSORRY”!~

あちゃこちゃSORRY pv short version

video credits: avexnetwork@youtube

dunno how to translate the title, except SORRY. lol
anyways, i’m glad the boys are still going strong in Japan.
i’m sure they have now become quite fluent in Japanese and building themselves a fanbase there as well.
sad to know that they aren’t as popular or active in South Korea though. T^T
but i’m still glad to know that they are still making music and releasing songs!
I actually like this song a lot.
it brings back somewhat of an older school feel of JPOP~ but that’s just me.
also, they’re so adorable in the pv. bwhahaa.
hope to hear and see more from them!!


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