Again… Green Light, Red Light.

Safety Zone MV eng sub

video credits: LOENENT@youtube

WHOOOO Dalmatian is back with a new single!
YET!!! they have a new name change! :O
it’s not much different as they have gone by this since before too.
instead of the whole word: Dalmatian, it has become DMTN, and it’s an acronym that means:
which i believe Daniel, one of the members that sings first, is the one what came up with it.
they are also not part of IS Entermedia Group and have switched to another label, 2works., Ltd as of now.
Youngwon, the other main in the lead that chases after the girl and who sings later on in the song, now goes by his real name Donglim.
this also makes me wonder about Dari when he comes back from his mandatory duties too.
i hope it goes well, as their previous company allowed DMTN to move as a whole.
anyways, i’m happy that they are back, the song although may not seem interesting, i really like it a lot.
it’s addicting on not an annoying way, and… the boys have really matured since their debut and i really like seeing that in a group.
(although simon came in E.R, he too has grown, since he was part of the original lineup and he has done some previous works, and so yes, he has improved. lol)


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