i keep forgetting this. -____-
anyways, wow.. already been two years!
starting on my 3rd year~
well.. didn’t do much in 2010 since i came on the last day of it.
anyways… been busy these days.
i don’t have any resolutions.
don’t know why.
but usually they get broken or not completed.
so i’m just gonna wing it this year.
i also didn’t do the little notes for my happiness as well.
as i realize that… i’ve been smiling and laughing at a lot of things lately…
and i can already tell that those little moments are already building themselves up until the very end for me.
also, i finally have a job now!!
well a 2nd official one, but this one is a little more permanent than my previous ones.
so i’m happy with it, although it’s a little difficult at first because i’m not use to it, but with time, i’m sure i will eventually learn and do well~
so… i can start making bank, yeah!
hmm what else…
i haven’t really been much into blogging that much either since… well somewhere in mid 2012.
not sure why, but i think other things within my life have changed, and i kind of don’t feel the need to share all those things that fascinate me like i did in 2011.
sure i post things here and there… but i’m just not all that into it.
i guess as you grow older, or things just happen for you, things just kind of change in different ways for you that doesn’t really focus on what used to be.
sure i’m still into everything, but now i’m just not… into spazzing and sharing like before.
i’m sure one of these days i will just post like a bunch of stuff like i used to, but for now, i think things are just going to come out in little bits and pieces here and there for a while until i can finally get back into the flow with the new changes within my life that’s helping me grow.
anyways…. that felt good writing this post. lol
well happy new year to everyone and who ever reads this blog post or whatever and remember to smile and look foreword to the next day as although it can’t reset your life… you can always start the day afresh… just stay a bit positive as through struggles and the darkness… there is a sliver of hope and light, it’s just takes time to see it and keep believing. =]


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