Something About You Baby, Got Me Going Crazy~

Can’t Stop PROMO~

video credits: HinSaruDongyuhk@youtube

so just spreading this around.
my cousin posted about it,
but i forgot, so i’m just doing it now before i forget~
it has a nice hook and the whole song is really good.
definitely some old school sound going on.
wish them all the best~

but CLICK HERE for more info on helping out as you will get some goodies and rewards for donating to them and what not. =]


3 Comments Add yours

  1. HinSaru* says:

    Hi there! Thanks a lot for sharing on your blog! Kenji and I really appreciate the support!!!! We just recently released our teaser if you want to check it out!

    1. miss_vicky says:

      hey, you’re welcome!
      and what? no way!
      awesomeness, thanks!
      will check it out and post onto my blog!! =]

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