Today’s the day that I’ll be flying away~

Stop Girl MV black&white version

Stop Girl MV color version

video credits: ukiss2008@youtube

the boys of U-KISS is back as well!!
but without A.J!! T^T
he took hiatus to continue with his studies.
well i wish him the best of luck.
and when he’s done, that he’ll rejoin U-KISS in their next promotion as well.
anyways, i like the song for this as it has an old school feel, along with a modern feel to it as well.
plus it’s not autotune or hard clubbish.
plus… their vocals aren’t autotune!
and Kiseop has more lines!!
but hmm… also liking the dance moves as well.
i would be so thrill if U-KISS won for this song.
that would be really nice!! =]


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