Give Up. No Chance.

When I Know That You’re In Love MV story version~

When I Know That You’re In Love MV dance version~

video credits: derrickhohonline@youtube

Derrick Hoh is the 3rd Singaporean artist I would know of.
the first being BY2, and the 2nd being Ahli Fiqir.
anyways…. i grew a slight crush on this guy.
he’s really talented, i love his vocals, and this song is just addicting!!
i like the dance moves as well and was told he went to Korea to train for dance and what not.
although i have no idea what he’s saying… except for the title: “Dang Wo Zhi Dao Ni Men Xiang Ai” which means “When I Know That You’re In Love”.
and, “fang qi le fang qi le fang qi le wu nai” meaning “give up, give up, give up, no chance”.
anyways… the last thing i know is that he was active in 2010 and 2011… i think for 2011, don’t remember.
but he’s sign onto a music company in Taiwan that houses Show Luo, A-Mei, and…. someone. don’t remember.
hopefully he’ll release something new for the 2012 year though~ hopefully!! still time left. lol


  1. Oooooo I’ve never listened to Derrick Hoh before, I really like him!! 😀 I need to check out more of his stuff! He’s got a really nice voice!!

    And have you ever heard of JJ Lin ? He’s one of my favorite Mandopop artists, he’s also from Singapore~ Yay for Singapore getting more singers on the map!

    1. hehe glad you like him too!!
      a friend showed me a video of her doing a cover, and then i liked it, and went to look it up because i can’t read the characters, and yeah stumble upon him. lol

      but yesyes, he’s a new listen. ❤

      and OMG!! i forgot JJLIN!! how can i FORGET HIM?! :O
      he is actually the first that i heard. D:
      but yesyes, he's super awesome! especially when he sings in English since i know what he's singing about! haha.
      but yesyes, true they are getting more singers, but sadly they all leave to TW. T^T

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