Ask For Your Concern.

Khor Ahn Yu Yat Huang Yai (Can I Have Permission to Be Concerned About You?) AUDIO

video credits: ooythestar@youtube

ahh so i found an audio of the song already~
really love the piano melody throughout the song, plus his vocals which is ❤
i hope his music career rises and that GMM takes good care of him.. or EXACT, not sure which one, since the two are related.
anyways, although the song sounds sad, but it has like a hopeful feel to it.
i'm not exactly fluent, so i only catch snippets or certain parts here and there, and so i can't really piece the whole song together.
other then that… i really like his voice and the song as well. =]



  1. I think the title should be translated to “Can I Have Permission to Be Concerned About You?” and yup, it is pretty sad about unrequited love~ 😦 My first time listening to Dome the Star, he does have a nice voice~ 🙂 And yes, Exact is a label branch under GMM Grammy, so they both should take care of him haha~

    1. ahh thank you! that sounds so much better! but i wasn’t sure how to word it. -___- thanks~ 😀
      and i dislike unrequited love! T^T that hurts the most… now i don’t want to watch the MV!
      ohhh yay! hope both take good care of them!
      they seem to do well with their solo artists here and there, and even starring in lakorns, but yeah, seems they have like soooooo many to manage.

      1. They dooo, mainly because they keep having so many seasons of the Star and giving ALL the contestants recording contracts instead of just the winner!! LOL
        But yeah, I have a friend who’s signed to Grammy and he says it’s super crowded and they do have a hard time managing them all, he compared it to dogs fighting over a bowl of water, there’s only so many projects they can afford to give out and too many artists clambering for them, and they cater to what’s popular, so sometimes it can be a long time without a single or work of any sort if the artist isn’t willing to change their style to what’s “in,” 😦 But I’m sure being signed to any major label would have its own difficulties like that

    2. i know right!
      they just finished no8… or is it 9 just this year!
      and i’m curious as why they keep doing it?
      is it to make more money of some sort or something?
      but yeah, that’s what i figure.
      they give all the artists that participate contracts, even if they don’t win.
      but that could explain why those who keep coming back seem to change a lot of their styles or something.
      or is just a fan favorite yeah?
      plus, some don’t sing anymore and go off into acting.
      but i do agree, a lot of companies are like that.
      but still… it’s hard to keep track. lol
      but i wish good luck to your friend. =]

      1. 8, 9, some number close to the double digits already, I don’t even know ahaha. But I feel like that kind of takes the whole point out of the show cause what’s the point of competing if you already know you’ll get signed? Of course it’s for the money, i guess, but if you saturate the market like that, I feel like it’s just going to drown everyone. I know a lot of people (myself included) who can’t keep the different The Star artists straight anymore and don’t even pay attention to them anymore.

        And definitely a lot of stars have to turn to acting, it’s a little more stable profession. With music, if you’re stuck without a project or album for several years, where else are you going to get income? Not from royalties from album sales that you’d only get a small percentage from. While my friend’s band is doing fine now, when I first met him he said they’d been struggling to get promotion from Grammy, they kept getting the whole “That’s not what we’re looking for right now…” and finally had to add a whole new singer to the band to change up the sound and image before they got a new album project, and even after that it was a good 3 years until their next album. It seems so stressful.

        So yes, definitely, I think at least 70% of the time, when a major label artist suddenly changes their style (both look and music), it’s not because they themselves “want to try new things,” but because their sales/popularity have been dropping and the label wants to try and rekindle their image or feed on a currently growing trend. >_>

        That also makes me think of Aof, I mean he used to have a solo album every year and ever since he came out of the closet a couple years ago, his only projects have been a couple random singles for special group albums or lakorn soundtracks, so I hope he’s choosing the break himself and it’s not like the label feels it was scandalous or bad press and his popularity has dropped too much to give him any projects for a while. 😦

        I don’t mean to babble on and write a novel of a comment haha xD Bottom line, it really must be tough to be signed to a major label with that much rules, restrictions, and competition :/ I don’t envy the artists at all

    3. that is true. saturating the market will make the listeners turn away or not pay attention at all though. but i dunno, like i wanna keep up because it’s thai music and i want to improve on it, but sometimes, it’s just hard to find out about it. lol

      anyways,i do agree that a lot of them do go into acting and i believe it’s stable, but that too, is based upon popularity as well? or how great you are? like there’s some actors/actresses i like, but they don’t get shown much, but those that are popular are like everywhere, and i get annoyed. -___-

      what is your friend’s band? i may or may not have heard of them, or forgot about them, as for bands, i don’t see much promotions for them or something.

      and wow… did he Aof come out? i didn’t know that. but it could explain why i don’t see him as much. :O but yeah i hope it’s not because of his image, but because he chooses to do so.

      and no worries about the babble! you actually give me mmore information about things which i do’nt have much knowledge about.

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