Received my Copy of FoSho Entertainment’s In the Middle ALBUM!!~

woot woot, got me my copy and some extras!
if you would like one, (i have four extras), let me know!
the album is pretty dope, i like the tracks on it, especially, Heart Don’t Change ft. Lynda on track 3 i believe.
and and… there’s a cover of this one song, but i don’t remember the title, or the original artist, but it’s one of them freestyle song from back then. =]
pretty good, love it!
the album is in Lao and English, but despite the language, the music itself should draw you in. 😀

FoSho Entertainment Crew~ In the Middle ALBUM

i just wish a tracklist was included, as the titles don’t show up when you pop it into a player and what not.
oh well, still a dope album to have!!! luckily to have got myself a copy.
so yeah, trying to help spread them, lemme know if you would like a copy!
if not… then i’ll just pass it around my town and family and friends. =]

here’s their website here~
i also wish i was able to know the 5th person’s name, who’s holding the “khaeng” which is a tradtional instrument, and very hard to play if you’re not familiar with it, but it’s makes wonderful sounds!!


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