True Love Will Come and Find You.

True Love Will Come and Find You (Destiny) MV

video credits: welovekamikaze@youtube

K-OTIC has no line, but they are in the mv… minus pJongbae. (T.T, miss him already)
it’s a nice song, but i dunno, it just seems… so final and sad like.
there’s a new group by the name of Demo Project made up of 2 girls and 2 boys.
um… i think i may have missed someone, but i’m not sure. -___-
and i would love for Gavin to sing more too, he doesn’t have that bad of a voice.
also, this is indicating another KamiKaze concert of some sort~ so yeah.
but i really do like the use of the red thread of fate though. ❤
also, Kaew has a nice singing voice, would love to hear her sing more too.
but like.. .what happened with the other kamikaze artist: pim, jinny, meen, jam, ham, joe, taishi, and bow… how come they’re not featured?
sigh… oh well…. hopefully another time though!!


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