yes!! Tahmnong got to translate this!! this is better than nothing for me~ keke
the lyrics are really beautiful when translated in English, but I’m sure in its original form it’s even more magnificent~ but too bad i don’t understand, but i’m good at listening though. 😀 i hope he continues to make more songs like this~

掛在塑料樹上 - Hanging In a Plastic Tree

Song Title: 月光 / Yue Guang (Moonlight)
Artist: Wei Chen (魏晨)
Album: Daybreak (破曉)
Year: 2011

(*) 月光裡 來自孤獨天際
Yue guang li lai zi gu du tian ji
In the moonlight coming from the lonely horizon
Jiao jie chen ji mei li
A bright, silent beauty
Zhi shao hen duo shi qing
At least there’s so many things

(**) 想像裡 是浩瀚星空梯
Xiang xiang li shi hao han xing kong ti
In imagination, there is a ladder to the vast starry sky
Zi zhuan chu de guang yin
A rotation out of time
San luo zhou ye tan xi
A sigh scattering day and night

(***) 為何人看見你
Wei he ren kan jian ni
Why do people visit you?
Hui shuo lang man yu xie chu shi ju
You could say it’s romance and write a poem
為何憂愁勇氣只對月光裡 訴說秘密
Wei he you chou yong qi…

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