here’s a Thai script, Romanization or KAR, and English translations for Black Jack’s Kon Ngom Ngai! =]



  1. Awwe, thanks for the reblog!
    Though I can’t say I’ve ever been a big fan of any of BlackJack’s previous solos, I really do like this song and the MV~ I really like the sad desperate craziness of the lyrics, it’s different from most other you-left-me-and-I’m-sad songs. And the MV went with it perfectly~
    Now if he just wouldn’t wear so much eyeliner and stop looking so pretty hahaha xD

    1. you’re welcome!! actually it saves me the trouble of doing this and that, and just give the major credits to the ones that does it, since the reblog button works awesomely. 😀 and i was into his other ones, but yeah, this one is really good, and the MV is love. ❤ and haha, i do agree with the eyeliner and pretty part… but i think even without the makeup, he just has that kind of face. lol

      1. Hahahaa that is true, he does have a very nice angled face. maybe I’m just jealous hahaa xD

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