NS Yoon-G is back with “I Got You”~

I Got You MV viet sub

video credits: Choi Gina@youtube

whaa, i love this song!!
music video is okay.
but wow… NS Yoon-G is really versatile with different music genres.
she makes anything work for her, and that’s a great skill or talent within an artist. =]



  1. I really like this song too! I like the MV too~ She is quite versatile, and I like how she has a strong voice throughout any style she tries. I didn’t realize she had a new single out. Thanks for sharing!!

    1. you’re welcome! and neither did i. lol i don’t really pay much attention nowadays, i just see what’s in my YT subs, or what i see floating around in my tweets, or tumblr dash. or what my sister reads to me when she looks on facebook and what not. but yes, i do agree she is quite versatile and is compatible with a lot of styles. i’m curious as how she’ll do, as although she’s very talented, a lot of people aren’t really into her. -___- oh well, more love towards her. 😀

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