Just Single.

Khon Pieng Ja Sod (Just Single)

video credits: RSVDO@youtube

this singer looks familiar… but i don’t know where from. -__-
i like her vocals though~
song is good, to obad it’s a sad like song.
Thailand really like these sad kind of songs…
well from what i hear and see majority of the time and what not.



  1. She’s the singer of the band Prik Thai~
    Personally I never understood why vocals of bands have to go solo…then sing the same style of music, with a different band playing the music in the background. Why not just stay in the group? But I guess salary is probably higher since it wouldn’t have to be split between all the members.

    Regardless, personally I don’t think she’s strong enough to hold a solo career and would be better off sticking with Prik Thai, but I know how RS likes to split up its groups like that. -_- Maybe this will just be temporary~

    1. ahh there you go! although i’ve heard them once and saw them once, her face was memorable, because she had the n’rai feel. lol
      but anyways, seriously? it’s almost the same with Da of Endorphin right? but she’s a part of GMM, yeah?
      anyways, i dunno, i hope things go well for her, and the other members, because that would suck as vocals usually get a lot of attention.

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