[120802] full EXO on Fantasic Thursday!!

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video credits: SMentEXO@youtube

too lazy to translate, but i’m pretty sure someone or a group will translate this soon.. since EXO is really popular and a lot of people want to sub things for fans. anyways~ the teaser is here, that has a bit of translations that i did. =]
anyways, it’s great that Lay now has been able to eat Som Tum… although i’m sure that when the boys were making them… the taste would be a little bit… not good. lol
Tao also got to learn a bit of Muay Thai, and i bet if he takes a few years of learning it, especially being mentored by Panna Rittikrai (although he’s kind of beyond Muay Thai and does other stuff, but still) and even learning with his stunt team, Tao would be a Muay Thai expert… somewhat, and with some other things. As Panna Rittikrai mentored Tony Jaa and others. besides that, Baekhyun and Chanyeol do a little “sparring” of their own, but things get a little “out of hand” and Kai separates the two and Kris takes Chanyeol away from Baekhyun. lol such cute kids and bantering.
um… what else, the boys dancing to Luk Thung or Mor Lum, depending on how you view it, as i use Luk Thung concerning Thai’s language, and Mor Lum concerning Lao’s language. anyways, Kai seems to be breaking it down. lol but it’s great that they’re dancing to that… as most kinds nowadays don’t listen to that kind of music, it’s usually the older generation that listens to it.
hmm what else… i love Chen’s high note when he sung What Is Love… <3. Baekhyun's singing SINGULAR's Bao Bao, that was good, and he sounds really good too. i think he may have practiced that a lot.
also, the boys speak a bit of Thai here and there, and i'm surprise, as it's usually not the same phrases, except that Chanyeol did use "Ruk Koon" lol… i knew he was going to be the first member to say something along the lines of "I Love You". XD but it's all good. although their accents get in the way, it's a good effort on their part to cater to their fans and just show their sincerity.
hmm… oh Kris' English!! ❤ it's love. and Chanyeol's "Makes some noise!" lol i love hearing English usage… as it's kind of a universal language, and a majority of people, more or less, at least know a few basic or simple words. lol, but with Kris… it seems to take it on a new level. lol not sure why.
anyways… what else, what else, oh the MC's hugging each member. haha.. that was cute, until he got to Kris and tried to make a move on him. XD lol then when he made his way around to almost every member, Luhan does the same thing to the MC, and Chanyeol as well. ahh… love these interactions among them. and that they all can take it in and laugh and what not.
i don't know what else to comment on… lol there was just so much, and yet it was really enjoyable. i'm surprise that EXO were on a lot of these Thai shows… and i was expecting more, but i think it was the time constraint, but if they stayed a bit longer, i'm sure they would have appeared on a lot more.


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