[120721] EXO, JJ Lin, and Zhang Jie on Happy Camp!~

no subs

video credits: SJZSugarcane@youtube

EXO was great~
and you can just watch their cut… somewhere online. lol
as it would have english subs for that.
i’ll probably post that sooner or later after this post… maybe. lol it’s more likely i will~ lol
but they were definitely great at that Shock Ignition game… i totally wanna play!!
anyways, for JJ Lin and Zhang Jie… great guys!
and i forgot that Nana is married to Zhang Jie.
wow… how could i forget. -___-
but it’s good seeing her and him together on this show. ❤
also… that sticky substance that they had to run across on… does not look fun at all. lol
but would be great as a prank. xD
anyways, this show was for the 15th anniversay celebration since the show has aired.
i really love the ending with the cups that makes like a domino effect. it took like 5 hours to set it all up, i believe? or something like that.
although it looks wonderful… and may have taken time, things have to come down. lol but still, super cool!!


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