[120730] A Teaser of EXO @Fantastic Thursday~


video credits: SMentEXO@youtube

omg, the boys trying to dance to Luk Thung. omg… that’s just some funny shiet. XD the lady that comes out i think she’s a singer as well as a comedienne… and is an actress. her name is Tukkie. but lol, curious as how they’re Som Tum will come out like. and i’m curious as what song Baekhyun is singing!! because it sound so familiar… yet i just can’t get it, and his pronunciation seems pretty good though. definitely looking forward to this. 😀
i did do some ENG translation for this though. lol it was short.. .and i couldn’t resist. lol and it’s more or less accurate, once again, i’m not fluent.

1:51 – Suho is the dad of EXO-K. Watches and cares for the members like a true father.
2:00 – D.O is the mom. They say he knows how to make good food. He’s someone that makes food like a mother.
2:07 – So it’s like this, he is the father, he is the mother, and he’s the baby.
2:15 – The baby of the family is always loved.
2:18 – Wait a moment, we’ll have the mother of making Som Tum, give a round of applause to Tukkie!
2:58 – This song isn’t a happy song at all. Change the song!
3:00 – Oh, change the song, a new song!
3:14 - At this moment, Baekhyun has a special song prepared for us to listen to.
3:20 – “SONG: Jai neung jai, jark tarn gan arai”


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