[120729] EXO-K visited AF9~

1 of 3 NO SUBS

2 of 3 NO SUBS

3 of 3 NO SUBS

video credits: pinelandss@youtube

wow… K visiting the Academy Fantasia 9 cast…
i don’t really watch AF, but they truly do have great singers.
i think i’ll translates only bits and pieces honestly. ^^”
or none really~ i’m too lazy. lol also, i’m not actually fluent.
so… yeah~ sorry.

and this will make me learn the names of the season 9 AF singers too. =D
(although i’m sure there are more, since AF is different from TS.)
from the introduction (PART 1):
4:21 – Zo, K, Bright, Earth, Sunny, Kat, Ice, and Nest.
(PART 2)
7:45 – Chanyeol wants to write “laem loey” in Thai … not sure how to translate that, but i think it’s to “admire forever or something… sorry.” but he did a pretty good job of writing it out. =D
8:45 – D.O writes “susu khap” in Hangul. and the older male says he’s really smart.
(PART 3)
the older male then wishes EXO-K good wishes, and at their concert, they’ll always have love and a lot of support, and be successful… (less accurate or right, since i’m not sure. haha. but that’s kind of the gist)

but for the first two parts, they talk about how the boys came together, their trainee years, their cheer for one another. um… how they are liking Thailand, is it their first trip… and what else… um that’s all i got. aish, sorry. ^^” hopefully this one will get subbed for those, since i’m sure it will be.


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