not feeling the style~ but i’m more interested in their comeback sound though!! so i can’t wait. 😀

Unsung Byul

I had previously mentioned the addition of new members to the group and the departure of another before they got to debut in this group. For a while, the A-ble boys in their current line up of 4 had been fairly quiet, now three of them have updated their facebooks with new photos that they took while they were doing their photoshoot for this comeback that should be fairly soon.

It looks like it’s going to be quite an edgy concept in general with the use of monochrome and the likes of Jiyeoul and Sungmin’s hairstyles. There has not been a post by Chulwoong as of yet but he has been fairly inactive online recently anyway and I think he has deleted his facebook account at the moment.

With these photos, it looks as though the group is moving away from the ballad/R&B style that they had debuted with. It…

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