[120727] EXO-M on Seed 97.5FM Radio



video credits: boonyi91@youtube

this was a good interview too.
but lol… Thai to Korean to Chinese and back to Thai again.
wow… there’s bound to be some slight confusion, honestly. xD
this interview wasn’t as bad, and the other 4 members can experience how Xiumin and Chen feel. lol
but omg… did Luhan really have to keep saying that phrase… twice… ahh i bet in the next interview, he’s probably gonna say it again. lol
anyways, here are some of the Thai translations… to the best of my abilities, so they are more or less accurate, as i just don’t translate word for word, just the gist of it, as i’m not completely fluent. ^^V

0:01 – hello it’s Seed and seeing us again, DJ Daus and DJ Dey. Today is Special where our interview is with KPOP celebrities. We’ll be speaking with a new face KPOP boyband from Korea. They released two singles, MAMA and HISTORY.
0:33 – They woke up early, and are here with us on our Seed. We also have the video on our website, http://www.seedmcot.com to view.
0:55 – We also have two translators that will help, Miss Jaeyong and Miss Tuptim. Okay, so they are already with us, let’s welcome EXO-K…(fixes)… M. Give them a round of applause.
1:17 – EXO-M, EXO-M, today, forgive me forgive me. Today there’s only 6 of them, but in truth there are actually 12 members, correct. Please, let them do a greeting.
1:44 – the MC on the left makes a comment, i think about them being really good being in sync or something. not sure. ^^”
2:09 – the translators then just translates who is who to the DJs.
2:25 – that i already know about EXO-M from themselves. but what i would like to ask, what is EXO, where did they come from?
2:47 – Tuptim translates what Kris says.
3:04 – same as above.
3:28 – same as above
3:38 – and the group right here, is EXO-M. yes, it’s EXO-M. *he says something, but i don’t know how to word it anyways* i know that EXO-M is here with us.
3:49 – i want to ask how did they come together and become the 6 of them.
4:12 – Tuptim translate what Lay says.
4:21 – same as above.
4:30 – same as above.
4:35 – same as above.
4:42 – so in other words, they came together to for one purpose to become amazing singers. anyways, please ask them, what can they say about the charm of their music.
5:14 – Tuptim translates what Kris says.
5:33 – same as above.
5:48 – Tuptim translates what Lay says.
5:59 – same as above.
6:08 – same as above.
6:12 – will we be able to see all 12 of them?
6:35 – Tuptim translates what Kris says.
6:45 – ohhoho, with this news, the fanclub will sure get excited. their mini album had many oversea producers and who were they to help with it. (or something like that ^^”)
7:24 – Jaeyong translates what Chen says.
7:42 – (something about the music being good that they are able to sing it or something like that)
7:54 – i see that the song does reach the hearts. i see that the MAMA music video gets clicked on a lot and has 30million views. how do they feel about that?
8:34 – Tuptim translates what Kris says.
8:41 – that is truly a lot and having 30million views is not the same (more or less, sorry. ^^”)
8:57 – Tuptim translates what Kris says.
9:10 – oh it’s watched and watched. let’s talk about is HISTORY. this song is a strong song that came out of no where and what. talk about it’s meaning.
9:47 – Tuptim translates what Luhan says.

0:11 – Tuptim translate what Kris says.
0:17 – and that MV has these 6 already in it. i want to ask, that the 6 of them coming to Thailand, must be their first time.
0:35 – okay, and then today must be their 2nd day.
0:40 – coming to Thailand, what are their feelings?
0:55 – everyone in Thailand have good hearts and are cute (or something along those lines) smile, sweet smile. (yeah something like that)
1:02 – have they tried any Thai dishes?
1:18 – Tom Yum Goong is a Hot & Sour Broth with Prawns/Shrimps.
1:20 – Jaeyong says something about them eating Taeng Mu Phat, (i think it’s Fried Cucumber & Pork), yesterday.
1:30 – Tuptim translate what Kris says. (although i don’t know why she added in SWEET=WAAN… when he didn’t mention that, i believe)
1:34 – so it was Tom Yum Goong and Taeng Mu Phat. so would you guys like to eat with us?
1:40 – now we talked about the people and food of Thailand. now how about the language. can they say anything?
2:02 – go ahead and say it, we would like to listen.
2:12 – Rotee, (i think it’s a Thai snack, i dunno), is very delicious.
2:20 – i thought he was talking about a bicycle is very delicious. (because of Chen’s pronunciation, Rotee sounded like Loat Teep which is Bike)
2:25 – chen is being taught on how to roll his R’s for better pronunciation. (i’m jealous, as i cannot roll my Rs. T.T)
2:29 – the host just repeats what Chen says.
2:40 – once more as he needs to see his friend to do it. (or something like that)
2:52 – if no one is gonna say it: Thi Rak Khun Suay Lae Narak = My Love, Miss Pretty, You’re Cute (more or less something like that. lol)
2:55 – we’re not done, is there any more?
3:01 – Hello, I am Lay. I want to eat Som Tum (Papaya Salad, he repeats this word again), just a bit.
3:13 – Sorry, we don’t have any Som Tum.
3:15 – he’s hungry, he’s hungry
3:16 – at this point it was changed to Som Thup. (Som Thup instead means Sour Liver, teh DJ is teasing because of Lay’s mispronunciation)
3:19 – wow, they didn’t say something short, but something very long.
3:22 – excuse, but i would like the person here who was speaking to his friend, to say what he said to the camera.
3:47 – i would like to say that the female fans will be happy to be able to watch this for sure.
3:57 – doing this is cute.
3:59 – oh i want to listen to someone someone. listen to more.
4:03 – in Thai, in Thai.
4:06 – Touk Khon Keu Thi Rak Kong Pom = Everyone Is My Love/Sweetheart/Honey (and the likes. lol)
4:12 – (the DJs add in their comments, saying something along the lines of how cute, amazing, and something like that, sorry) ^^”
4:16 – okay, let’s continue, i want to listen to some more.
4:28 – oh here, we can have our own DJ, DJ Daus be your training buddy (or something like that, and DJ Daus is like, what?)
4:46 – so that person wants to learn Muay Thai, and the last person?
4:55 – Tuptim translates what Kris says.
5:05 – Yah Leum Kit Teung Pom Lae Yah Dued Na Khap = Don’t Forget To Miss Me and Don’t Be Bad/Naughty/Misbehave, okay. (Na Khap is more of thing that is attach, and Khap is for male usage. Also, Dued has a lot of meaning, so it depends. ^^”)
5:17 – and this is something for the fans already. (the DJs then just do some comments of their own with what Kris says)
5:26 – them coming here, how long will they stay and then go.
5:38 – Tuptim translates what Kris says.
5:44 – (something is mention about the fanclub, but i don’t know) is there anything they want to say to their Thai fans?
6:14 – Tuptim translates what Lay says.
6:26 – don’t forget, they have their hearts. we have these 6 of EXO-M, yet we also have EXO-K, too. they are big group with 12 members as EXO itself. also it was great to talk with EXO-M and become closer. we would like to thank them for coming and being on the show today. we would like to thank these 6 youngings for being with us.
6:55 – could you tell them that their fans that have been waiting for them
7:08 – i would like to ask them if they can do a group farewell greeting.
7:18 – Kris says Sawadee Khap which means Hello. (i guess they haven’t learn to say goodbye yet)
7:24 – once more, once more.
7:28 – Tuptim teaches them to say Khop Khun Khap which means Thank You.
7:37 – all right, now everybody put our hands together for them. thank you for listening to Seed.
7:41 – next time they come, i’m sure they will be able to grasp the Thai language.
7:52 – finally, us two, DJ Dey and DJ Daus, have to continue on with our business of Seed 97.5FM
8:00 – let’s thank EXO-M once again, please. thank you.

omg, that was difficult. lol~ had to re-listen a few times to make sure, since the Thai language has many meanings for one word, so yeah… it’s more or less accurate or the gist of it. this is something than nothing. =] lol, this is also shared at the actual youtube comment. =]


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