[120727] EXO-M on the Woody Show~


video credits: boonyi91@youtube

Luhan, Lay and Tao speaking a little bit in Thai!!
finally Tao not wearing his usual clothing to demonstrate his skills. =D
i love Thai hosts a lot, they know how to set up the atmosphere and mood… well the ones i always watch. lol
hopefully EXO-K will get one too~
also, i need to go find the clip of VJ Voon and pKrit (her husband, a famous actor) getting married. =D

also, here is the ENG trans for the Thai part that i did as a comment for the video itself.
the translations are more or less accurate… so yeah, but you can kind of get the gist of it. ^^V

0:01 – Are all of you guys doing well?
0:03 – Female Host, she says: wow, they know how to say how we are.
0:08 – I want to eat papaya salad, try papaya salad just a little.
0:12 - oh he wants to eat papaya salad, wants to eat papaya salad.
0:21 – to the pretty lady, you’re very lovely. (the mc repeat it, so the audience hear it better)
0:25 – the female host says thank you.
0:26 – the male MC says: Tell him that she already has a husband. (he repeats it twice.)
0:34 – There’s a person here today that has a special talent, and he wants to show us and his name is Tao, that will show us a little performance.
1:20 – female host ask: Is this kungfu and the male host goes: is it kungfu or what is it call?
1:30 – male host: could you please ask him if he is a good enough student that can train me.
1:40 – Tao goes: I want to learn Muay Thai.
1:44 – the hosts just repeats what Tao wants to learn.
1:46 – the host ask: what brings you here?
2:11 – basically, they came to promote, be close with the fans… yeah same thing Lay says.
2:19 – they say: to connect with fans and just get along.
2:21 – they talk about the MV, and MC guy: tell them that i like their MV, then ask for it to be play.
2:32 – they go: they dance good, the video, the music is good, overall it’s great.
4:54 – we’re happy they came, want to support fanclub. and gave us CD and sign it for us.
5:16 – the hosts tease the fans: You guys want this? too bad, sorry, but it’s ours.
5:25 – and then they say their thanks and thank EXO-M for coming and all that.


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