[120713] FULL EXO-M on Extraordinary Class~


video credits: WISHeeStar@youtube

there’s another episode that will be aired this upcoming Friday~
anyways… this episode was filled with a lot of funness. lol
ain’t gonna lie though~ i wish for them to keep on appearing on more variety shows. =]
but wow.. Nana can surely dance, and lucky her for being able to dance with the M boys~
watching Kris and Tao “ballroom” dancing is still enjoyable as ever~ lol
i really wanna try the Nanjing’s Duck Blood Noodles~
Single rapping was pretty good, i like it, as it was talking about Drinking Wonton. XD
but ahh… Tao speaking more in his Shandong dialect, although it seemed like he forgot just for a bit. lol
anyways, can’t wait for the 2nd episode!! =]


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