Yang Yang & Zhang Jiani pair up for The Ultimate Conquest 终极征服~

from cfensi: “After both falling for the wrong person in upcoming idol series When Summer Ends, actors Yang Yang and Zhang Jiani come together to play a pair of lovers in The Ultimate Conquest 终极征服, a Republican period piece with a wuxia flair. Our favorite under-utilized young actor Yang Yang plays a martial arts hero who is forced out of recluse when his Buddhist abbot is suddenly murdered. idarklight really hope they get a good choreographer who can show off the classical dance major’s grace through martial arts. Faced with the task to guard the treasures of the temple, Yang Yang’s Niansheng leaves his home in order to protect it . Zhang Jiani comes into the story when he saves the daughter of a commander, who later becomes a key player in the aiding him, along the way. Soon, the two gets involved with preventing the use of biological weapons at the onset of the Japanese invasion. The drama began filming around half a month ago.


this sounds pretty interesting~ i would watch it…
although Yang Yang is a cute actor, and some say he’s really good… but i haven’t seen him act yet… since they are more traditional back then kind of drama. as for Zhang Jiani, this is the first time i’ve heard of her.

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