Koda Kumi’s new single, “Whatchu Waitin’ On?”~

Whatchu Waitin’ On? pv TEASER

video credits: avexnetwork@youtube

the song is a little different form what i’m use to her~
but then again, it’s a happy-go-lucky and funky kind.
she pulls it off nicely~
can’t wait for the FULL version and PV!!



  1. I wonder if the whole MV will just be her from the top up so it doesn’t show off her baby bump haha~
    But I’m really happy she’s made it clear that having a kid isn’t going to slow her down!! 🙂

    1. omg, i forgot that she was pregnant. :O
      i really wanna see her baby bump…
      and her significant other, since i remember in an interview that she was fine being single and all that. lol
      but i’m glad she’s still making music despite having a kid soon~
      just hope she’ll lay off once she gets later into the months.

      1. She actually just had her baby yesterday apparently~ xD It was a boy haha
        And her message with fans was that she’s still going to have a major concert in November and continue on with music haha~ Good for her! While I’m happy for artists who get married and start families, it kinda bums me out when they basically say they have to quit everything and stay at home. Slowing down is good, for sure, as you can’t be filming MVs and traveling on world tours all the time, but to say you now have to quit everything you worked so hard at seems like kind of a waste, at least to me.

        ANd her husband is KENJI03 from the band BACK ON~

        Not bad, right?
        And here’s her baby bump, though it’s hard to see with the outfit she was wearing

        Regardless, congrats to them! ^_^

    2. omg, congrats to her!! and i didn’t eve nknwo she was in a realtionship. lol but aww, i hope to knw the name of the kid though. 😀 and i’m glad that she is still continuing and not giving up and stopping right then and there. i know what you mean, it seems really sad, but i guess it’s their decisions. thanks for the pictures!! i hope to see a more noticeable baby bump though. lol and Koda Kumi reminds me of melody. who married miyavi. lol both pop singers, but marrying a rocker dude. lol

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