so YeDang boys are called C-CLOWN~

Yu Barom, Rome, 1990/09/16 – his actual twitter here. i’m pretty sure he’s RAPPER & DANCER (<- because he breakdances and what not, YT channel.), his individual fanclub is called Salts (i forgot the reason why), also from Australia, so he has an Aussie accent. =]
Kim Taemin, Siwoo, 1993/05/05 – i'm pretty sure he's a VOCALIST, not sure whether as a MAIN or LEAD
Kim Hyunil, Ray, 1994/04/19 – not sure
Kangjun, 1994/04/21 – not sure
Lee Minwoo, T.K., 1995/12/20 – not sure (may be a RAPPER, perhaps)
Jaejun, Maru, 1997/09/25 – i'm pretty sure he's a VOCALIST, not sure whether as a MAIN or LEAD

the only reason why i’m saying that Taemin (Siwoo) or Jaejun (Maru) could be MAIN or LEAD vocalist, is because i’ve heard them sing before, and in the teaser, it sounds just like one or both of their vocals. i would share that video of them singing… but i’m not going to, as it was pre-debut and it was through tinychat… and i don’t wanna cause any trouble whatsoever by sharing it. so yeah. ^^”

Not Alone MV teaser

video credits: cclownofficial@youtube

so happy for the boys to be debuting now!!
but it seems they went through some member lineup changes though…
because Lee Minwoo was supposed to debut as a member of BTOB… but he left due to health reasons… but i don’t think that’s the case now, as he’s debuting in C-CLOWN… so… yeah.
also, i only really remember Barom, Taemin, and Jaejun in the original lineup, as i had the chance to be one of the lucky few to tinychat (like late last year) with them before pre-debut, so those three were on and were introduced more.
as for Kangjun and Hyunil… i’m not sure, but i have to go dig through some pictures and videos i saved and recorded around the time i found out about them~
anyways, good luck to the boys!!
also… they went by a previous name which was B.A.S… again i forgot what it stood for. OTL
i think it was Be A Star~ not positive about that though.
and C-CLOWN.. stands for Crown Clown~ so i guess it makes sense, as the R & L in the Korean language is similar and can’t really distinguish in pronunciation.
also the song is pretty good so far, i really like it.
i’m just curious as to what’s up with the group’s name…
and what kind of concept they are going for~

here is a clip of Barom featured on a performance with Ali.

Don’t Be So Naive PERF

video credits: CapsuleHD6@youtube


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