[120706] EXO-M Live “Music High Guest” Interview

1 of 2 ENG SUB

2 of 2 ENG SUB

video credits: wenqq26@youtube

wow, Chengzi, a fan of Tao… is one brave and awesome girl. =]
i love the fact that she wasn’t shy or anything, even though she may have been, but she was able to express her words and sing some lines from the song, Mama.
way to go for her~
and Tao seems really touch by it… it looked like he almost cried. *huggles the kungfu panda* lol
Lay’s exposing the members secrets… not that big, but it’s just little things.
very nice to learn about these~ and Lay is the one exposing it himself. lol
in the 2nd clip~ they do the performances.
it’s good hearing a live of MAMA… although it was for a little bit after they already performed it just a bit earlier.
but wow… all of those gifts that the boys are getting from the fans…
i wonder if a majority of them will be useful to them, because it’s not like they can take it back and forth with them all the time when traveling back to SK and China… plus… that’s a lot of things, and i for sure know that they do not have a lot of room where they live~ it would be sad to see some of those presents not be used or used for long, although i’m sure the boys are really grateful towards their fans.
i love that Your World (Angel) was sung live still… they need to sing live more often. ❤
also.. they should make the boys wear more clothing that is loose… i'm really not feeling them wearing fitted or hella fitted pants man… it's kind of disturbing at times… because i actually want to see them put their hands in their pockets and be able to shake it when they perform History~
welll anyways….. i can't wait to see all 12 of them on the new Happy Camp episode. =D


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