Rob-B-Hood Movie Review

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video credits: diS1mplicity@youtube

it’s been awhile since i’ve last done one. -___-
so yeah~ a synopsis here.

i watched this for the fun of it and to pass time~
it wasn’t that bad actually, although it was a little weird. xD
just because the two main guys, Jackie Chan and Louis Koo are… thieves, but they end up taking care of a baby, and it makes them change their way of life in a way.
anyways, ain’t gonna lie that i had a great laugh watching this, and there were some cameo by Daniel Wu and Nicolas Tse. =D
throughout the whole movie, the baby doesn’t have a name, and is just refer as “Baby”…
until like the end then do you know of the baby’s actual name. XD
as for the story plot and what not… it’s a little confusing and not really concrete, but it has action and comedy that kind of makes up for it.
and the baby is just mad cute to ignore.
as for Jackie and Louis’ characters in here, a duo that’s weird, tough, not your typical kind of thieves… or are they?
it’s pretty much each to their own on how you perceive this.
as though i would not watch it again and again, it was okay to watch the first time, and then maybe every now and then.
the action is good.
the baby is cute.
the storyline is just… bleh.


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