Prayers and Tears…

Kham Atith Than Duay Nam Tah (Prayers and Tears) MV

video credits: exactchannel@youtube

i can’t read Thai script, and so i had to listen by ear…
anyways, translation may be wrong as well. ^^”
anyways, this is Dome the Star, the winner of The Star 8!!
my mom told me that the reason why he entered this season was to earn money for his father who is in the hospital.
and now that he has won, i hope that his life now will be much easier and he’ll pay off his father’s hospital bills.
… anywho, the music video stars Pong Nawat… and it’s a very sad feeling within here.
and Dome does a pretty good job with his vocals to express the feelings and emotions.
i almost tear, but stopped myself… because i hate fogging up my glasses and tearing and wiping it away when more keeps falling. -___-
anyhow, the ending was sweet… and very touching. ❤
reminds me a bit of Be With You, the Japanese movie.


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