My Life Is In Your Hands…

Cheewit Nai Meu Ter (My Life’s In Your Hands) MV

video credits: exactchannel@youtube

wow… Stop the Star’s vocals are really strong and powerful.
The Star 8 casts… are very good so far.
i love that with each season, the contestants pretty much match well to the previous seasons.
anyways… this song is one of the theme song for the new lakorn Marnya Risaya 2012, staring Pinky Sawika and Bee Namthip as the nang’ek… i’m not sure who is nang’rai, but i guess both of them may seem to play both roles. as for th pra’ek role, that is Tar Navin, who is the older brother Win Tawin… they look so alike, yet pTar is more masculine compare to pWin’s boyish looks.
anyways… that lakorn is a little too much dramatic for me to watch, so not watching that.
but i definitely do like the song though. =]


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