Double Trouble… coming soon~

from the description box: “Two security guards, one from Beijing, the other from Taipei, are forced to work together to track down a legendary Chinese painting that has been stolen by international art thieves.

TRAILER eng sub

video credits: whispersosoftly@youtube

so i was mainly interested because of Jessica C., as she’s my new little girl crush. xD
she’s a gorgeous model based in Hong Kong…
anyways, then i found out that Jaycee chan was in it too, and so yeah, of course i would be hella more interested in it.
so far, it seems pretty good, i’m just curious as how all of it will come out…
and poor Jaycee as kicked in the balls… i hope that they didn’t have to re-do that scenes before getting it right. XD
anyways… i’m happy to know that the members of Hey Girl will be in it too, i miss their acting, although i don’t know how Ting Ting is.
anyhow, looking forward to the actual release of this!!


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