The Memory of K-OTIC

K-OTIC: The Memory Concert

video credits: welovekamikaze@youtube

… it’s more of a clip of them showing behind the scenes during their Blacklist MV filming~
but the boys have grown since then…
made me tear up a bit.
i wish i could attend here…

ความทรงจำทีมงานกับ K-OTIC

video credits: welovekamikaze@youtube

this one is talking about what they’ve been through over the years and the people praising them…
wow… they make it seem like K-OTIC won’t be together again and that they’re disbanding…
i don’t want it… but it’s not like i can do anything about it.
all i know is that i want to always remain friends and always stay together as friends and beyond that.


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