Dalmatian on Love Chaser for Kang Yebin~

1 of 4 eng sub

2 of 4 eng sub

3 of 4 eng sub

4 of 4 eng sub

video credits: MBLAQTurkey@youtube

Kang Yebin is a very gorgeous lady.
i think i have a new girl crush. xD
anyways, i didn’t know that two members of Dalmatian were on Love Chaser. :O
and this is during That Man Opposed promotions.
anyways, it was totally cute how the boys try to get her attention.
and honestly, i can see why the boys may have been infatuated with Kang Yebin.
she seems like a down to earth person… and just seem very natural to me.
anyways… my favorite scenes are when the two boys are doing the “telephone” thing…
and when they dress up in mascot outfits… ahh that was definitely hilarious… i teared up.
anyways, hopefully the boys will have more interactions with other celebrities!! =]


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