[120616] EXO-K’s Full Ment at KTR Concert~

from the description box: “Highlights:
1:57 – Sehun being “sexy” and Kyungsoo turning away in embarrassment
2:32 – Kai and Sehun dancing to Moves like Jagger (SehunFlip #1)
3:48 – Baekhyun singing Kim Dong Ryul’s “오래된 노래[Old Song]” and Kai staring him down
4:38 – Kyungsoo singing “What is Love” (w/ a bit of Suho and Baekhyun)
6:11 – Chanyeol beatboxing and SeKai dancing along (SehunFlip #2 and Ballerina Kai)
6:56 – Kyungsoo beatboxing to “My Humps” (and Chanyeol untimely jumping in at the end lol)
7:47 – Suho’s “I love you”


video credits: EXO12330@youtube

i don’t get why Suho doesn’t show any of his talents or whatever… lol
anyways D.O’s boxing.. did not expect that from him. :O
and i always wanted to see Kai do the ballet spin… i forgot what they are call, but i see him SPOTTING, still pretty cool. C:
i love learning new things about these boys and seeing more of a carefree side of them. =]


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